The Marshal M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum

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I went to the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum for my art experience project. I was impressed with the amount of statues I was able to see in one place. A majority of them seem to have been created and donated by the Fredericks family themselves. As I said before the amount of statues in this little space is impressive, however my first impression is the feeling of claustrophobia. The statues are packed in fairly tight and the space overall doesn’t seem to be well utilized. The room it was in did however provide an ample amount of natural light from the large windowed wall to the north. This coupled with the recessed lighting did a good job of lighting the statues facing the northern wall. Unfortunately though, some of the statues are facing the southern wall and lose a little detail to not being as well lit from only the recessed lighting. The contrast between well-lit and dimly-lit does lend to contrast in light and shadow for the statues facing the east and west walls. The contours of these statues are much more defined because of the line of contrast so they seem to draw me in the most. I also get this cold feeling, even though the floors are more of a warm/neutral color. I believe this is due to the lack of a large amount of the statues not being colored at all. The few that are colored are just antiqued bronze so they are mostly that powder blue/green color. The lack of color though, I feel, is intended to make a point. It seems as though the artist meant for

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