The Martial Arts School Program

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The aim of this paper is to make the proposition and methodological defense to evaluate program planning in reference to the organization selected from module 2. Based to implementing the Ernie Reyes ' West Coast World Martial Arts Association’s program; the program implementer must commence by learning about the martial arts school program; its mission statement, goals, and objectives must be understood. These elements are capital when interested to implementing an organizational program. 1 Many methods can be utilized to implement any program. In the case of the martial arts school, the program implementer can utilize the quantitative or qualitative methods, or both as mixed method for collecting data. The selection of quantitative…show more content…
This methodology helps design the studies scientifically. In quantitative research methodology, data can be collected without the participants, Rudestam & Newton (2007) noted that Quantitative research seeks objectivity by standardizing the procedures and measures as much as possible data and by distancing the researcher from the participants. When proceeding for the implementation of the martial arts school, the implementer can also applicate the qualitative research method to gather data. This method requires a series of interviews, observations, and open-ended questionnaires. Effectively, qualitative research method in program evaluation allows rapid surveys, direct and indirect interactions with participants, and feedbacks from stakeholders and clients are necessary. Questionnaires or likers reports are also necessary, since feedback from clients, employees, stakeholders, and others individual willing to learn about the program that is being implemented within the organization would bring a plus in terms of modifying, implementing, or discontinuing the program. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative method to develop the martial arts school program is a good bet since both method would work. The optimization of the quantitative method may promote slow data collection procedure; this process involves standardized assessment, statistical
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