The Martillion

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The Silmarillion is an epic high fantasy novel written by the English author J.R.R Tolkien, but published by his son, Christopher Tolkien. Written in order to provide some historical background to Tolkien’s previous novels, The Silmarillion has transcended that quality, and went on to rival both the hobbit and even The Lord of the Rings in terms of storytelling. It is considerably longer than The Hobbit but shorter than LOTR. It tells of the primary happenings of the First Age, contrary to LOTR and the hobbit, set in the Third Age. This time, Sauron was just a lieutenant of Melkor, an even worse and powerful villain, the source of evil on Earth.
Ever since it became available in 1977, The Silmarillion was a stunning story. The adventures of Feanor, the elf, who created the Silmarils, jewels around which the story is centered, and Melkor, the most powerful being, yet the most evil, is one of the best sagas Tolkien has ever
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The book received overwhelmingly positive reviews at that time, and sold millions of copies, received an award, several accolades and more. This fantasy series rivals LOTR in terms of storytelling, but dwarfed in popularity by the latter. With this title, along with 12 other volumes of Middle Earth history complete its story in a wonderful and satisfying way.
Is this the best fantasy book ever written? In my opinion, almost. It is bettered only by LOTR by a small amount.
In conclusion, this book is spectacular. It belongs with LOTR in the bookshelf of classics. Tolkien’s literary genius and the brilliant editing of Christopher Tolkien has carried this book a long way, concluding the first age with the War of Wrath and several other conclusions to several chapters, and deserves to be reread after the first reading. It may be difficult to read, but it is

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