The Martyrdom Of Perpetua And Felicitas

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Christianity was frowned upon by the Romans. The Roman Emperor wanted the people to worship him and the Roman Gods. Christians were blamed for many of the misfortunes that happened in Rome. Due to the belief that Christians were to blame they were ostracized, tortured and even killed. Historical research shows that many of the stories about Christian martyrs are not completely true. The stories of these events that happened with Christian martyrs changed over time. The stories became embellished and exaggerated; however, there is one story of Christian Martyrs that is true. This is the Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas. These events were written by two of the martyrs, Perpetua and Saturus. Perpetua was a Christian woman, age twenty-two with an infant son still nursing. Her servant was Felicitas who was also a Christian, and seven months pregnant. Perpetua’s brothers and mother were Christians, but her father was a Pagan. Perpetua, Felicitas and three other men were a group of catechumens from Carthage that was captured in 203 A.D. They were apprehended and jailed due to their religious beliefs. While in captivity and awaiting their martyrdom they were treated roughly and poorly by the soldiers who guarded them. Perpetua’s father visited her often and begged her to denounce her faith. He pleaded with her to do this for his sake and her infant son’s sake. Perpetua would not do this even knowing what she was facing. Even though her mother and brothers were
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