The Marxist Journey in The Wars by Timothy Findley

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The Wars written by Timothy Findley shares a great relation to many of the ideas surrounding postmodern society, thus implementing many of the prominent ideas of the time around politics and societal norms into the plot of the story itself. Findley successfully depicts the plot of the novel taking place in the early 1900's; a time in which the western world was emerging from an industrial revolution, bringing radically foreign ideas on politics in the world, including the materialization of the Marxist political theory. The seemingly negative reception of the Marxist theory has denied it the right as a valid political view. One thing that cannot be denied is that a majority of the foundational ideas of the theory, describe basic human…show more content…
The situation on the boat is directly related to the teachings of Marxism that state "Marx argued that the capitalist bourgeoisie mercilessly exploited the proletariat. He recognised that the work carried out by the proletariat created great wealth for the capitalist"(British Library). In a way this statement relates to the situation on the boat, as even though it is not an economic system in itself, the situation can be seen as a type of microcosm of capitalism from the clearly defined two classes of soldiers that can be identified. As well due to the conditions of both groups that is described there is a clear link to the bourgeoisie and the proletariat that Findley attempts to encapsulate in the section. The work of the low ranking soldiers would glorify that of the high ranking soldiers in the war if they were successful. Ross as a 2nd rank lieutenant is able to witness this class separation even describing the effects on the officers "Most of an officer's time was spent lying down or else being sent below to see what could be done to keep the men from mutiny"(Findley 53). Ross starts to have a realization of the effects of the class division among the soldiers identified as attempts at munity which foreshadows the establishment of the oppressors and the oppressed in the war he encounters. The idea of oppressors and the oppressed from the power

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