The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center Is

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The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center is located in Sykesville, Maryland. The physical plant is generally divided into two areas on grounds totaling approx. 700 acres. The firearms Training Facility (FTF) and the Drivers Training Facility (DTF) are co-located approx. 2 miles from the Academic Center. These training areas are un-fenced, and goes through public roadway and to several residential communities; closest houses being approx. . . .25 miles. The FTF facility has staff offices, classrooms, armory, weapon cleaning area and outdoor ranges which is approx. 25 miles from the FTF.
The Academic and administrative Complex (AAC) is located on the ground of the Maryland Springfield State (Mental)
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My plan will deter burglary and theft to all PSETC facilities in lots of ways for example. In the event of an unauthorized entry, employees, staff or volunteers who discover the entry shall notify the security officer who will then investigate all around the campus and look for any suspicious person or thing, and will report to police department. Employees and students at PSETC will not attempt to interfere with, or subdue any perpetrators. Any Act of violence shall be reported to and handled by PSETC Security. Furthermore, if any employee or student observes any individual on the PSETC areas carrying a firearm or other weapon, they are required to notify security immediately.
I am also planning to put alarm system on all PSETC building. Alarm systems, although expensive to purchase and instill, are usually economical in the long run and provide a substantial return on the initial investment, (Ortmeier, 2009). All exterior doors and sensitive areas within the facility will be hard wired with alarm, and if a security alarm is received after hours, security shall immediately investigate the alarm and then call in a maintenance to fix the alarm. If security determines that there is a burglary in process, he/she then notify the police and prevent personnel or students from being endangered.
Security system is very
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