The Mass Deception Of Advertisements And Media

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We are all aware of the mass deception in advertisements and media. We are all outraged at this deceit and manipulation of distorted, “perfected” and idealized images. And we are all guilty of this illusionary world we live in. Several studies point out that it’s not the social networking sites themselves that inspires states of disconnection, jealousy and envy – rather, the specific uses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr that create these deceiving photos. We complain about the photoshopped images of models in advertisements that are beyond recognition. But are we any better? Aren’t we, ultimately, talking about ourselves? Scroll through your photos on any social media platform - I am assuming you have an account as 72% of all internet users use a social networking site. How many photos are natural? I bet 80% aren’t! I’ll be honest: I looked at my Instagram photos and I could not find one natural photo. Not one single natural photo – and I have lots of photos, trust me. More than 58 million photos are posted on Instagram daily and over 350 million photos on Facebook! Guess how many of these photos have been manipulated? 50%? Wrong. 95% of the photos either have a filter or have been altered i.e. something on the photos has been cut away, made smaller and/or made bigger. Fellow human beings, friends, we continuously share photos of our ‘oh so exotic’ holidays, our ‘oh so delicious’ food, and our ‘oh so chic’ iPhone 6. You can’t tell me that you
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