The Mass Media and Foreign Policy Essay

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The mass media has become a very significant player in the politics of US foreign policy. There are two major reasons for this. First Americans society and the global environment have grown in complexity and in importance in affecting the lives of Americans; people have developed a greater need for information about national and international affairs. Second during the 20th century a media revolution occurred that makes it possible for the mass media to rapidly communicate information anywhere on the planet. The result of this is much of the information, knowledge, and images that individuals have of the world, come from the mass media A Walter Lippman a famous broadcaster and journalist talked about the effect the media and government…show more content…
Many people hold strong opinions about the role of the mass media and the news. There are three different perspectives about their roles and not one single view predominates. The first perspective is conservatives believe there is a liberal bias in the media. Liberals implement an agenda and try to influence people into believe liberal mantra. The second is that liberals tend to argue that media upholds, maintain and mobilizes government opinion. The media is wholly captive of the government and business elite. The media is wholly captive of the government and business elite. The third perspective is the relationship is even and this is being overblown. The two institutions want to give news how exists, and an attempt to mirror reality, reporting events and facts as they exist. There is a lot of debate on the relationship between the news media and the foreign policy decision making process and how the effect of the former might have on the latter. Two theories have originated to explain this process they are the CNN EFFECT and the manufacturing consent thesis. These theories are in conflict because the direct impact of media influence is still not known. On the one hand you have the CNN effect which says that the media has the capability of shaping the government's policy agenda. It is the "elite decision maker's loss of policy control to news media." The CNN effect impels a government
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