Essay about The Mass Media in Texas Politics

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Chapter 5: Mass Media 1. The five critical areas that television media must satisfy when they decide to run a story a. Significant impact on its audience (legislative proposal to raise taxes) b. Generates interest (act of violence, natural disaster, political scandal, ban on guns) c. Familiarity (well -known individuals/situations) d. Proximity (Close to home) e. Timeliness (Happening now) *through this process media participates in the agenda setting and agenda building process *some stories/phases of news coverage follow the “issue-attention cycle” 2. The court case that established the ability to spend ones’ own wealth seeking public office: Buckely v. Valeo 3. Dynamic of horserace in…show more content…
Goals: clarity, watchdog, provide public with information, expose issues. “New” Age of Media Then: Magazines, newspaper, radio -Party pressers and penny pressers Now: Internet, blogs, you tube, podcast -We are now “apart” of the process - “Arab spring,” Egypt, Libya – young people want what we have, to be able to speak about things: Facebook Media: 4th branch of government * Sets the agenda * New period of campaigning: increased technology, instant, expensive, negative campaigning, less information, bias, staged *40% of campaign money goes to media *they go negative because it works (not about difference in issues = superficial) *less information = we are to blame, we want instant, to-the-point info *media wants people to stay and will do whatever to make people watch-negativity Media has changed * Before didn’t report shenanigans/scandals * Today: investigation journalists (Vietnam, Watergate, Pentagon Papers) *Power of influence: LBJ and Cronkite-he was most trusted man in America and LBJ had to convince him to be for the war b/c every night Americans looked to him for his opinion Media for Profit * Must give news and must make profit * Salacious * Superficial * Sound bites: little bites said and remembered by a politician- “I won’t raise taxes” Bush, then

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