The Mass Of Vulnerable Migrants Seeking Refuge Essay

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Mass influxes of vulnerable migrants seeking refuge have found themselves landing in European countries, encountering friendly faces and hostility along the way. More than a million migrants crossed borders into European countries in 2015, a substantial increase from the 280,000 that made the same journey only a year before. According to BBC reports, more than 135,000 arrived in the first two months of 2016 alone. Fleeing from the violent conflicts of Syria and Afghanistan, these refugees are searching for a second chance at leading a better, safer life for themselves and for their families. The ongoing political unrest in Libya and Egypt has encroached upon basic human liberties, spurring even more people to relocate to Europe. While nations throughout Europe sympathize with the refugees forced to leave their homes behind, some countries are no longer able to cope with the streams of migrants that wash up on the shores of its borders. States such as Germany have set an example for the rest of the union, opening its borders and services to these migrants. Others, notably Hungary, have constructed physical barriers along their frontiers in an endeavor to block more refugees from coming in. The disparate attitudes of both Germany and Hungary reveal the growing divide of the European Union with the potential to shatter the admired solidarity of the European nations.
The aftermath of World War II witnessed a divided Europe, as some nations chose to side with the United States
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