The Mass Spread Of Technology And Social Media

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With the mass spread of technology and social media, communicating has become easier and faster, but with no real social connection or effort with the other person. With the need of constant contact through social media and the internet, people continue to rely only on technology to inform them of everything they need to know. Technology and social media has been available through apps, videos, and video games for children and adults. Take away phones, computers, and television and people will have a harder time to interact on a deeper level due to lack of socializing. A lot of people are taking advantage of that opportunity, and not realizing the affect it has on their lives. Technology has made the simplest of tasks even more simple. To see one’s grandmother who lives far away, there is no need to travel the distance to be in their company. One can turn on their computer, and webchat through a social media. To pay bills, one does not have to leave the comfort of their home, they can simply log on to their computer and access their account and pay through an online page. No one has to wait in line, or talk to anyone. They can just pick up their smart phones and do their errands, but that takes away the social aspect of the task and adds laziness to anything productive. That cancels out any social interaction people have with each other. The person wakes up, and checks their cell phone. They walk the dog, and they bring their cell phone to post on social media what is
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