The Massacre Of The Columbine

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Few things that happen in the United State can move a whole country into action, but when they do happen it will leave an impression that cannot be easily erased. This is the case with the infamous Columbine. Columbine is a name that will forever resonate in the minds of those who have lived through and survived the bloody incident that will forever change the world. It only took Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold one day and a few weeks of careful planning to strike fear into the eyes of a whole nation and for some families bringing their happy lives tumbling down to sadness of losing a loved one. Twelve students and one teacher were killed in the deadliest massacre before Sandy Hook and they will never leave the memories of the people of…show more content…
soon the website had a list of all the people they wanted to kill and the amount of guns they had in their possession. The two friends started thinking about a plan to kill as many people as they could. They began to post videos explaining what they wanted to do and that they planned to rival the Oklahoma bombing that happened a few years before them. Another one of their plans was taking over a jetliner and crashing it into a building across the country in New York city. Many times on the same website they stated their plans to flee the state and even country. The final plan they decided on was to rig bombs in the High School cafeteria and exploding them when it was at capacity, then as the survivors ran out of the school they would shoot at the mass of frantic bodies, as first responders arrived on the scene they would then set off bombs rigged to cars in the parking lot. Once they settled on this plan they began preparing. In the nearby hills they retreated to begin target practicing and learning how to set off their homemade explosives. The pair had many weapons in their possession including, Intratec TEC-DC9, Hi-point 995 carbine, Savage 67H pump-action shotgun, Stevens 311D double barreled sawed-off shotgun, 99 explosive devices, and 4 knives. The most unsettling part is that they were able to make the explosives by a quick search on the internet. Everything was set for these two teenagers to execute a plan of mass murder and to
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