The Massacre at the Plaza de a Tres Culturas Tlatetolco

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Hundreds of people were killed over the next 15 years.”(QUOTE) The most well publicized example, under Echeverría’s administration occurred in June 1971, when government forces gunned down protestors in Mexico City, killing 42 people and wounding at least 100. That day in June, students marched in support of workers, freedom of expression in the universities, and the release of additional political prisoners. Instead of assistance or steps towards peaceful conciliation, the students were again subjected to violent governmental opposition. SOURCE While the government denied any involvement and distanced itself from responsibility for the deaths, it was later uncovered that police had collaborated with rightwing students who disapproved of the leftist politics and participated in the attack. Once again, despite the efforts by Echeverria’s administration to display an image of reconciliation, the substance of his politics was not at all different from the repression of the previous administration.
Even though Echeverria attempted at reconciliation of some issues, these seemingly positive reforms like increased funding for universities did not come without strings attached. While the students protested for educational…
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