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The Massospondylus carinatus Fossils, lived in the early Jurassic period (Hettangian to Pliensbachian ages, ca. 200–183 million years ago). The fossils of this dinosaur have been found all over Africa, in Arizona and the United State. 1.1) How the first fossils was found A collection of 56 bones were found by the government surveyor Joseph Millard Orpen in 1853 in the Free State, in Harrismith South Africa. The bones were later donated to the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in London . The bones that were found were vertebrae from the neck, back, and tail; a shoulder blade; a humerus; a partial pelvis; a femur; a tibia; and bones of the hands and feet. The first Massospondylus were described by paleontologist Sir…show more content…
Its probably one of the largest animals that have lived on earth. Massopondylus was 4meters in length and weighed approximately 135 kilograms. 2.3) it was formed through a process of fossilization. Meaning when the massopondylus died, the bones were naturally kept in the right conditions for the to be preserved as fossil . The heat pressure from being buried in sediment can sometimes cause the tissues of an organism to release hydrogen and oxygen, leaving behind a trace of carbon this helps the dead organism to print itself on a sedimentary rock. This process is also known as carbonation or distillation 2.4) Some of the Massopondylus are said to have lived in deserts. While others lived on the plains of the high golden fields, in what’s today known as the Karoo 2.5) It is supposedly linked to today’s lizards and chameleons. Due to the shape of its bodies and that they might be a miniature size of the dinosaur and that they are also reptiles. 2.6) That the earth is really old, and theres probably still undiscovered fossils. Since all these fossils date back millions of years ago, and it also tells us that the earth is evolving in each era it enters Part3 Real Yellowwood The Real Yellowwood tree also known as Podocarpus latifolius it is an example of a living fossil. A living fossil is a plant or an animal, belonging to a group that most if its members are extinct. The Real Yellowwood tree is an evergreen tree and is

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