The Master And Margarita By Mikhail Bulgakov

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Mikhail Bulgakov’s imaginative novel, The Master and Margarita has been considered to be one of the best novels of the twentieth century. The Master and Margarita has focused on Bulgakov’s cosmology and how the events of the novel can be seen as a mirror of his world view. One of the characters, Ivan Nikolayevich Ponyrev appears in the very first chapter of the novel as a very young, antichristian poet and also in the “Epilogue” as a wiser historian and philosopher. In terms of Ivan’s role, he is a transmitter of the Master’s messages and also the elaboration of Bulgakov’s vision of history. (add more details) Ivan Nikolayevich Ponyrev, he is a young poet who writes under the pen name Bezdomny, which means “homeless” in Russian. He…show more content…
Professor Woland is frequently referred to in the novel as a foreigner. When he arrives and begins talking with Berlioz and Ivan about the existence or nonexistence of God and Jesus, he is actually questioning the official atheism. Their conversation revels Bulgakov’s world-view and his cosmological emphasis. Bulgakov’s novel was written in the 1930’s, a time of great repression and hardship in the Soviet Union under Stalin. It was written at the height of Stalin 's reign of terror. The novel reveals the freedom of the spirit in an unfree world. When professor Woland tells Ivan and Berlioz that he has ability to predict the future, he is questioning that how a dominator controls much of Soviet life. In terms of the structure of The Master and Margarita, the figure of Ivan has indisputable significance. According to Laura D. Weeks, he points out “he is the character that opens and closes the novel, the source of at least one of the Pilate chapters, and the only truly sympathetic character consistently tied to the Moscow level of the novel”(2). The story of Pontius Pilate is told by professor Woland. He declares that he was present for the entire story he has related to Ivan and Berlioz. And he also predicts that Berlioz will be killed and he will stay in Berlioz’s apartment shortly. In “Pursuit,” Homeless, Ivan hears the scream of a woman and he sees the accident. After that, he believes
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