The Master Of Deception ( Mod )

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The Master of Deception The Master of Deception (MOD) is the first hacking gang in hacking history, and it’s also one of the most extensive thefts of computer information. MOD was founded by several blue-collar youth in New York, which aimed at proving their power in computer and network underground and beating other hackers and hacker gangs (TABOR, 1992). MOD traded boasts, tapping into telephone systems, stealing confidential information from government or other highly protected systems. At first, their purpose was to prove that they are better and more skilled than other hackers, but later MOD members began to steal confidential information and sell it for personal gains. In 1992, five members of MOD were indicted in federal court, this is the symbol of the fall of MOD, after these five members, more and more members got arrested, and finally led to the collapse of MOD (“The Master of Deception,” 2015) Famous attacks Conficker Conficker is a name of a computer worm, in 2008, Conficker worm was exploited vulnerabilities of millions of Microsoft Windows operating system computers. It uses the flaws in Windows computers to break into a computer and links other affected or unaffected computers together into a huge botnet (“Conficker”, 2015). The botnet can be controlled remotely by the author(s)’ of the worm. Conficker worm infected 9 million to 15 million Windows computers in over 200 countries in the world, including government, military, business, and home computers. So

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