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During my undergraduate work back in Venezuela, I wanted to make news reports because I admire the power and beauty of truth. Although I learned how to produce news and consider myself a journalist, I was missing something. I wanted to work with stories based on realities, that would stay on the screen for a longer period than two to three minutes – the standard news time per package. Moreover, I wanted to combine the power of reality content and the elegance of cinema – something that is not relevant in the T.V. world due to the need for immediacy. Furthermore, I wanted to express a personal voice through my work, which led me to start a filmmaking career to learn how to produce documentaries. In the fall of 2013, I applied
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Immigrant Stories is a 40-minute documentary that seeks to address the misinterpretation of immigration in the United States. It is directed to two groups: non-immigrants who dream about being immigrants based on an American Dream or what they watch in the media, and Americans who perceive immigration as a negative issue due to misconceptions.
As mentioned previously, I am an international student and I consider myself a migrant which, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), can be understood as, “‘any person who lives temporarily or permanently in a country where he or she was not born, and has acquired some significant social ties to this country’" (UNESCO Par.1), consequently, the producer of Immigrant Stories is directly related to the subject.
Accordingly, Michael Moore, a well-known American filmmaker, suggests in his article Michael Moore’s 13 Rules for Making Documentary Films, “It’s important to make your films personal. … People want to hear the voice of a person” (Par. 24), a story about the American dream from the perspective of immigrants is a theme selected following a personal interest on immigration, which is the first topic discussed.
The second topic of the documentary is The American dream. Before coming to the United States, I knew the perspective of internationals regarding this subject. Although a formal definition of
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