The Master Of Science For Engineering Management Essay

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The combination of engineering expertise and business acumen is what I seek at this juncture of my career. The Master of Science in Engineering Management and Professional Practice from Purdue University will not only enhance my core technical skills but also business mindset required to manage vehicle projects in a global manufacturing organization which is my immediate aim. Enthralled by automobiles and with good grades in science subjects, I chose Automotive Design Engineering in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies during Bachelors study. I learned about the different essential systems which propel vehicles alongside other important subjects such as Product Life Cycle Concepts & Industrial Management & Economics. Being passionate about sustainable development, I did a major project on evaluating the efficiency of combination of different blends of biodiesel and diesel as sustainable source of energy for automotive engine system. My consistent efforts ensured me a rank in top 10% in the batch with 78.6% overall and distinction. Among the hundreds of hopeful students, I was selected by Fortune 500 India Company and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. as an intern responsible for Supplier Technical Assistance and Part Development. With the zeal to learn through experience and adapt to professional rigor, I completed the vehicle production part approval process (PPAP) for the sheet metal parts of the vehicle at the vendor plant. To
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