The Master Of Social Work Program With Walden University

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Personal/Professional Goals I am interested in the Master of Social Work program with Walden University because I have always had an interest in the various aspects and components of the profession. I am interested the opportunities that a job in human services and helping profession will allow. A social work degree is accepted for a mass variety of careers and organizations. I have researched a multitude of programs that focus on Master of Social Work. After a lot of consideration Walden has my number one choice due to its accreditation with the Council of Social Work Education, and the option to study online. The accreditation that is offered through Walden is accepted in my home state of Alabama. Being able to study online was a major influence on my decision because I am a full-time working mother. Time is valuable and Walden’s flexibility allows me to further my education. I started working at Indian Rivers Mental Health Center as a Clinician I-Mental Health Court Case Manager in December of 2015. I was unsure of what to expect. It was my first job that specialized in my degree field. Through this experience I have learned my true calling. This job has brought joy and inspiration to my life to continue giving to people the help and services needed to better their future. Academic Experience My undergraduate degree started in high school through the Dual Enrollment Program with Jefferson Davis Community College. It was there that I took my first psychology class and

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