The Master Of Their Destiny

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There are many philological arguments for and against this notion of can one be the master of their destiny. The focus of this essay is to demonstrate how one can be the master of their destiny through a compatibilist point of view. It offers a point of view that states determinism is compatible with free will. Even though there are many arguments against this theory compatibilism offers people a alternative way of thinking, than that their life is already planned out for them out of their control. A compatibilist or also known as a soft determinist holds the belief that free will and determinism are evidently linked or are compatible with each other. Determinism states that every event is casually necessitated by antecedent events, that…show more content…
Although our actions can be determined we can still be held responsible or accountable for our voluntary actions. Would it then not suggest that if we can be held responsible for our actions, deserving blame and punishment that we were not in control of our actions. An example of this is the London bombings, which took place in 2005 in London’s transport systems. Each suicide bomber freely chose to take their own life to cause the death and harm of others. They were in total control of their actions where they could have chosen not to go through with the bombing but chose to blow themselves up causing the death of others. As we are to be held accountable for our actions it shows that out actions are done freely even though we live in a deterministic world. This identifies that we can be the masters of our own destiny as free will is a condition of moral responsibility, and evidently compatible with determinism. Determinists believe that all events in one life are casually determined and that a person does not have control over these events. A compatibilist however believes our past or heredity and certain events are determined; however we still have the freedom of choice or action for the result of these events and our future. From this a compatibilist states even though a person, determined to be born with specific genes and features into a specific family, country, culture and religion we can still choose our future freely by how we act on these.
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