The Master Plan of Evangelism Essay

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The Master Plan of Evangelism

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Anthony Ashoori
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July 6, 2014
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Jesus commanded the whole church to evangelize, and He expected that the disciples would obey.
Next, Jesus imparted Himself to His disciples. But that was not the only thing Christ imparted, “And in receiving His spirit they would know the love of God for a lost world.” Jesus wanted His disciples to be ready to evangelize the world when He left, so He imparted knowledge and the secret of a victorious life to the men He had selected to represent Him.
Jesus led His disciples by example. He led by example when he taught them to pray, when He taught them how to relate scripture to their lives and to evangelize and how to win souls. Jesus was always teaching.
Sixth, Christ first gave the Great Commission to His disciples. He delegated the work of the Heavenly Father to them. Jesus also had other disciples and sent them out two by two to spread His truth. He delegated work to them that needed to be done.
Next, Jesus supervised everything His disciples did. He would send them out, but He would follow them at a distance. He would check in on them. Jesus wanted them to report back to Him on how things went on their assignment.
Lastly, Christ wanted His disciples to produce fruit. He expected His disciples to have disciples. This is the idea of reproducing. Christ wanted His church to spread and the only way that it could start was through His the soul winning that He taught His disciples.
Dr. Coleman has written a book that has
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