The Masters Of Business Administration

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The Masters of Business Administration, MBA, is well established and recognized globally by both private and public companies. Many high profiled individuals in leadership position have achieved their status and success by earning an MBA. However, there are several individuals who are also highly successful and have achieved their status without an MBA. As a current student pursuing an MBA at Dallas Baptist University, I seek to explore what the real benefits of pursuing higher education are. How can earning an MBA enable an individual to be a better leader? (source?) A recent study conducted by Stanford University revealed that students who recently completed their MBA program faced several challenges at work. They shared that they had difficulties managing subordinates, relationships with both peers and bosses, and managing their own responsibilities as leaders. Many of the alumni commented that the MBA program provided them with valuable information in the form of case studies, theories, and group projects, but they also felt that the program did not specifically train them for specific challenges that a manager would face on a day to day basis. The knowledge gained from the MBA program lacked practical application. (Becoming a Leader: Early career challenges faced by MBA graduates: AGAINST) Another study conducted in Japan discovered that individuals who are currently pursuing or have completed the MBA program revealed that some employers felt that these individuals
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