The Material Facts Leading Up Of Levy And Drobny 's Appeal

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LLB101 Introduction to Law Student Id Number: N9173102 Student Name: Dylan Ford Case Law The Material Facts leading up to Levy and Drobny’s appeal. At roughly 5.00am on the 6 July 2013 the respondents Drobny and Levy were celebrating Drobny’s birthday and were understood to be inebriated at the time upon entering the complainant’s taxi. The complainant, a taxi driver who was 64 years old at the time, drove for a short time before overhearing the respondent’s conversation, in which Drobny and Levy expressed that they did not have the money to pay for the taxi. Drobny and Levy attempted to negotiate with the complainant suggesting that they could pay the fare later; the complainant asked Drobny and Levy for identification, when they refused he indicated that he would drive to a police station. Drobny and Levy began swearing, the complainant stopped the taxi and as they exited they left the doors open, the complainant got out of his taxi and closed the doors. Drobny tackled the complainant, which caused bruising and pain to the thighs. That was the end of Drobny’s direct involvement; however, Levy began to punch and kick the complainant all over his body, one specific blow to the face caused cheek fractures. As a result of the attack, the complainant had left eye bruising and required surgery for his jaw in which plates and screws were inserted and will always be needed. Drobny’s age was a considerable factor during the original sentencing and

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