The Maternal Depression During Pregnancy Essay

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MATERNAL DEPRESSION DURING PREGNANCY Sasha Safi 20122595 Notre Dame University PSL 310 Dr. Lara El Khatib January, 7, 2016 MATERNAL DEPRESSION DURING PREGNANCY When pregnant especially for the first time many women inform themselves on things they can do that are beneficial for the growth and development of their baby and things they should avoid or not do since it can be dangerous for their baby such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and especially being under stress during the first months. As we all know, being pregnant has a high percentage for a women to develop depression and anxiety, this may be due to some hormonal changes that every pregnant women suffers. It’s important to note that only a psychologist or a psychiatrist can diagnose if a pregnant women is suffering from depression due to certain criteria such as when the depressing feeling last more than two weeks, make it hard for the women to accomplish her activities during a normal day, and many other symptoms that affect directly the daily life of a pregnant women. However, most women are warned that being stressed can have serious consequences for the growth and development of their unborn children. To begin, Depression has been recognized as a disease that affects fetal health. Depressed mothers are more likely to have children with adjustment problems such as mood disorders. They tend to be more difficult, do not have
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