The Maternal Side Of My Family Essay

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INTRODUCTION What makes a family, a family? Surely, it is comprised of more than just people who share the same genes. A family consists of love, care, respect, and people who admire one another. Family is not always people who share the same last name, at times family is people who have known you before you were born, or people who you have met throughout the years and formed a relationship. Family is made of people who laugh with, cry with, smile, fuss, argue, get back together, and do it all over again. Family is about forming a bond between generations, and seeing the young grow. It’s about making history and realizing, just how far we have come. In this paper, I will be discussing the maternal side of my family. I will discuss our traditions, beliefs, values, strengths and what makes our family, a family. Family Composition Charles Marshall Sr. married Irene Holland and through their marriage, they had three boys, one of them being Charles Marshall Jr., my paternal grandfather. Today, my paternal great-grandmother Irene Holland is ninety-six years old and has lived longer than her husbands, and all her children. McClellan and Bessie Johnson married in 1943, and spent seventy- one years together. Throughout that time, they had thirteen children, eleven girls, two boys, and then adopted another girl, giving them fourteen children in total. Their second oldest daughter Cecelia Johnson is my paternal grandmother. Charles Marshall Jr. and Cecelia

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