The Math in Music

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Music with Math Few people understand that music is actually connected to math. Most people i believe have more of an idea of what music is than what they know what math is. Music is scales and notes. Math is numbers and symbols. Deep in the core of music, music is really math. They also have a strange connection: Music is the only art form where the form and the medium are the same. Math is the only science where the methods and the subject are the same. Math is the study of math using math. Music is only created and experienced as music. Thus, there is a natural connection between mathematics and music: Both are experienced as pure objects of the brain, and both have meaning outside of the brain only by artificial connections. Math and music are both universal. Math is applied across the world to find solutions to everyday problems while music is played around the world and is present in every world culture throughout history. Both math and music rely on spacing. The amount of data or time a note is held connects math to music. A measure is relative to a line graph and a note to a number or fraction. There are many things that connect with music and math. which are music time, Reading music and fractions and last but not least the pythagorean scale. When you read a score also known as a music sheet or musical piece you read it like if reading math that will give you some informations of the piece you will be playing. Music sheets are divided into sections called
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