The Mathematic Phenomena Of Sabermetrics

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Breanden Salas
Mr. Anderson
IB Calculus 1 SL
December 27 , 2014
For my essay topic of choice, I chose to explore the mathematic phenomena of sabermetrics. Sabermetrics is the term used to describe the statistical analysis of baseball statistics, especially the baseball statistics that measure in-game activity. Sabermetrics is used most commonly to decide the monetary value of a player and how to build a team spending the least amount of money while having the greatest chances of succeeding in a given season. Throughout this essay I will explain some previous theories for sabermetrics and explore some new ones I invented. I have also simplified some of the formulas for common usage and modified some to fit different situations. I used some statistical mathematics to devise the percentages necessary to ‘succeed’ in a baseball season. I chose to study sabermetrics and the math involved in baseball because baseball is a subject, a sport that I am truly passionate about. I have loved baseball for nearly my entire life thus far; some of my first memories are from playing baseball with my brother. I played on both school and club teams throughout my youth, and grew to love the sport. Every summer we would get to gether to play. I play as a right-handed pitcher and a first baseman and due to my love of the sport I have taken this opportunity to learn more about the subtle nuances of the sport, of which there are many. This is why I chose sabermetrics as my
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