The Mathematical Abilities of Women Essay

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The Mathematical Abilities of Women

Tests have proved that women have the same mathematical abilities than men do. Since there is no difference in ability, you would think that the field is equally occupied by both genders. Many people have thought about a seemingly simply asked question and have failed to come up with a practical answer why it is so. The question, "How come you know more male mathematicians than female?" is one that I, previously uninformed on this subject plan to supply data that may help to lead to one clearly defined answer.

One reason why women are out numbered is that the females were shunned from society throughout history. The men did not allow women to do certain things. For example, girls growing up
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The elders kept persuading the young girls to stay away from those fields because they were used to seeing men dominate the field all of their lives. Throughout industrial times, this has added to the disparity among the two. Another claim is that girls don’t like "mechanical stuff" as much as boys do. I can relate to this claim, but offer one suggestion to why this is so. If you look at the toys that the boys and girls play with growing up, typically the girls get a doll and the boys get a truck. This familiarizes the boys with machines and they are used to working with them because they have been doing it since they were little tikes. This may contribute to the difference between males and females, but is not a significant factor.

A lot of the disparity has to do with opposing interests. Researchers have shown that boys just have more of an optimistic view on science. If you give a girl a mathematical problem, she might sit there and complain, or even just not do it. On the other hand, a boy might get right into it and complete it in no time, not because he is smarter than the girl, but because he has a positive outlook on the topic. As you look at the picture below, get a sense for the amount of sarcasm in the poster behind the woman.

One study showed that 1 out of 6 girls taking calculus and/or physics in high school were interested in going on to college to get an engineering degree. Maybe it has to do with the difference in tastes
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