The Mathematics Of Algebra And Algorithms

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Anna Safavi
Algebra and algorithm are two of the most used branches of mathematics. They are used in everyday life, algebra is used in financial planning, physical health and cooking, and algorithms are used in driving and finding the shortest path, scheduling and in computer programming.
The history of algebra dates back to 1800 BC, in countries such as India, China, Greece, Persia and England. With the understanding that algebra and algorithms have a huge impact on our lives today, we will take a look at the history of algebra and algorithms, notable people that helped in their creation and the things that influenced what we know today about algebra and algorithms. This paper will go into depth in the influences of Islam on the creation and growth of algebra and algorithms as separate branches of mathematics. We will look at the Golden age of Islam and how it influenced many scientists, astronomers, geographers and physicians as well as mathematicians. Also we will take a look at one notable mathematician of that time, Al-Khwarizmi who created algebra and algorithms, who is known as the father of algebra.
The work of mathematicians and scientists like Al-Khwarizmi in 820 CE is the result of the influences of Islam on the culture and knowledge of a specific time in our world, which is also known as the Golden Age of Islam. It was during that time that Al-Khwarizmi wrote the “Compendious book of balancing and calculations” from which the word Algebra is derived from. Later
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