The Matrix, And Christian Religion In The Matrix

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There are times when a movie is made that is said to have themes that are parallel to themes in various religious cultures; the Matrix, written and directed by The Wachowski Brothers, is one of those movies. The Matrix series eventually ended in a Trilogy with fans stating that there were various religious connections throughout all three movies. For the purpose of this reflection I will be focusing on the original Matrix movie. I will also focus mostly on the Christian religious ties that are sprinkled throughout the first movie. Finally, I will explore the idea that Neo, is represented as a savior of sorts and how this can tie into saviors of any religion.

The first theme that is similar in both the movie and the Christian religion is the use of the number three. There were three Matrix movies made and there were three main characters in each movie: Morpheus, who proclaims that Neo is “the one”; Neo, who represents the savior for humankind; and Trinity, the one who brings Neo into the trio and whose name also means three. In the Christian religion three is represented in the Holy Trinity, which is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Another connection to this number is the subtle use of three at the start of the movie when Trinity is in the hotel room 303. Since zero is a neutral number without it this number would just be 33, which is the age that Jesus Christ was said to be when he was crucified and then resurrected.

Throughout the Bible there is mention that the
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