The Matrix And Its Effect On Society

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If you have not seen the 1999 film, The Matrix, you may ask yourself what in the world is a “matrix?” A matrix, apparently to the character, Morpheus, is a system that basically controls and manipulates people of the truth. Although there may not be a form of truth all the time, we all encounter some form of matrix like our parents, school, relationships, every day life and even media such as music. Media has known to have take control of our attention and we become subjected to it. We the fans, the artist themselves and even the CEOs or main leaders are in this matrix, regulating power and be submissive to it. We are manipulated for our money, for what we deem as “entertainment.” Although we may not be able to stop the music matrix, copyrights laws and subjection of artist and fans, we can work at giving credit to the artist and supporting them, but also respecting their rights and wishes.
In the 1999 blockbuster movie, The Matrix, everyone thinks the same way and is controlled by the machines. The machines tell them who they are, what they like and what to like. What if the music industry did the same? Despite whether you are a Spotifyier, Apple Music Lover, Pandora Head, Soundcloud troll, etc. you are always recommended music based on your preferences or told what “to check out” based on your likings. If you like Nirvana, you like Foo Fighters right? Well not quite, I like the Foo Fighters, but not everyone will like the Foo Fighters. Although it may come in handy and is

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