The Matrix And The Allegory Of The Cave Analysis

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Written over two thousand years apart, The Matrix and The Allegory of the Cave still stir up the same type of intellectual discussions over full enlightenment despite taking place in an entirely different world. Written between 380 and 360 B.C, The Allegory of the Cave, depicts a hypothetical situation in which a group of prisoners have been chained since birth only able to see the shadows casted on to the wall in front of them. They know nothing more than the shadows they see on the wall, completely oblivious to everything going on in the world. However, just because that’s all they know, doesn’t mean that’s all there is, it isn’t until they are unchained and introduced to the real world that they are truly enlightened. Much later, in…show more content…
Not knowing anything other than the shadows and not being told anything else has led them to believe that what they were looking at was true. Very similarly the matrix is a world created by computers creating a false reality for everyone living in it. The matrix creates a simulation of a world the humans are living in causing them to believe their world is real despite the fact the real world is being controlled by artificial intelligence. Lastly, the plot of each story is very similar. Both works begin by introducing the main character(s) who are living their life not knowing the truth about reality. And although it might happen in different ways, Neo and the prisoners are “freed” from what they know as reality and introduced to the real world. Each story then goes on to show how they are now capable of infinite wisdom now that they know what is in fact real. Despite each story going through that process quite differently, the main idea is essentially the same throughout The Matrix and The Allegory of the Cave.
On the contrary, the stories differ in the fact that the prisoners in The Allegory weren’t able to choose to be enlightened like Neo did. The prisoners were unchained from the life the knew watching the shadows on the wall and were basically forced outside to the actual realities of the world. Neo was given the option to take the
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