The Matrix, Directed By The Wachowski Brothers

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The 1999 film ‘The Matrix’, directed by the Wachowski Brothers, tells the story of a computer-generated world in which humans are used as batteries to power the matrix’ systems. The film focuses on a small team of humans who are fighting against the matrix. There are several themes in this film and many of which are suggested through the ‘material body’. The material body is made up of four key elements- cinematography, mise-en-scène, editing and soundtrack. These elements are crucial to the audience’s understanding of the narrative and the director’s intended meaning. The ‘Two pills” scene is a good example of how the material body can be used to analyse the presentation of characters and the narrative.

Mise-en-scène refers to the arrangement and setting up of the stage or set in a movie or play. This consists of setting/décor, costume, props, actors and lighting (Bordwell & Thompson, 2008, p.112). In the ‘two pills’ scene, the setting appears to be a sitting room in an old, abandoned house. The décor that now looks dull and drab gives the illusion that it was once a very grand room. There are wooden, period furnishings and the walls appear to be made up of wooden panels. The clip takes place in front of an old, marble-like fireplace. The décor alludes that the setting has been neglected and perhaps forgotten about.
The costumes worn by Morpheus and Neo are quite contrasting to one another. Morpheus wears a long, leather trench coat. His whole outfit is black and he
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