The Matrix Movie Analysis

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A world where everyone lives inside of a computer program that is being controlled by machines after humans lost the war, but they are unaware that it is not the real world. A group of people that are trying to take down this program called The Matrix. This is a movie where the magnificent directors use theme, chemistry, and special effects to capture attention and make the one of the greatest films ever made.
In The Matrix, there are many themes that contribute to the greatness of this film. In the movie, the theme of freedom is expressed in many ways. When Neo takes the red pill instead of the blue pill he had set himself free from the matrix, a program designed to keep humans trapped so machines can use them as batteries, this shows that Neo chose the harder path of freedom rather than the easier, yet the ignorant path of imprisonment. Another example is when Neo dies at the end of the film and his mind had not been set free and he was still being restricted to the things he could not do in the Matrix, but when he is brought back his mind had been completely freed and he became capable of inhumane things, such as being able to move at incredible speeds and being able to stop bullets in midair. Another theme in The Matrix is the theme of man vs. machine, which is portrayed all throughout the film. At the end of the film, there is a battle between the machines and the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar, a hover craft that the crew uses in the real world, but for the crew to stay
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