The Matrix Reflection Paper

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“Without him, we’re lost.” Without God, are we lost? That could be subjective whether one believes God really exists. In the movie, The Matrix, instead of considering the existence of God, we examine the existence of society. Are the ideals, morals and knowledge we acquire in our society real or is a figment of our imagination? From the perspective of Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy, the film coincides with his idea that all the things we come in contact with is made as an illusion and meant to deceive us. The main character in the movie, Thomas Anderson, goes through several trials and tribulations to find out what is true. To begin, Descartes’ first meditation describes the method of doubt. He is unable to accept anything as…show more content…
Morpheus takes him aboard his hover craft, the Nebuchadnezzar, so Neo could see the world for himself. This scene explains Descartes’ ideal of doubting in order to find truth because Neo seemed to not believe that he would find anything by joining Morpheus on his hover craft. Even though Neo’s mind was altered, he wanted to break free from his doubts and find the truth. Neo being bio electrically modified was Descartes’ way of “starting again” and building up knowledge to find out what is real and what is considered fake. Through Descartes’ method of doubt, he developed three reasons for doubting his current beliefs. The first reason is the inability to distinguish dreams from reality. Descartes has convinced himself that he can sense real objects in his dreams. He believes that some of his dreamed images have once occurred while awake. Neo went through the same phenomenon in throughout the film when he would wake up and realize that most of the circumstances he had to go through were just a bad dream. In the particular scene in the beginning of the film, Neo is met at the front door of his apartment by a group of people who are looking for a computer program. The guy who accepts the program explains to Neo that he does not exist. Neo goes on to ask the guy has he ever had a feeling where he is not sure if he is awake of still dreaming. This moment signifies Descartes inability to distinguish dreams from reality.
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