The Matter of Abortion Around the World

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Abstract The degree to which women enjoy their rights vary from culture to culture. Over a period of time, women around the world have gained greater freedom of choice in their respective societies. The factors that may affect the freedom a woman can get in a certain society may depend on factors such as education, literacy rates and overall mindsets and norms that prevail in a certain society. However, there is a similar stance in both developed and developing societies alike that can be clearly observed when it comes to the topic of Abortion. Both the categories of the societies have seemed to confiscate a woman's liberty of killing or keeping her fetus. Thesis: This paper evaluates how the subject of Abortion is dealt with around the world, and how Abortion acts as an important reality check over the exact amount of freedom that women are currently enjoying. An Abortion process pertaining to maternal services involves services such as abortions which means killing of a living fetus. An abortion, in medical terms, refers to removal of the fetus from the mother's body. Major reasons why women might go for abortions include danger to life, illegitimacy of the child, poverty or economic conditions, overage or under age pregnancies and child being unwanted by the husband. Grounding: The matter of abortion has been in debate around the world for quite a long time. This is one topic that has divided people of various social classes into school of thoughts that are in

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