The Maturation Process in Virginia Ewer Wolff´s True Believer

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Written by Virginia Euwer Wolff, True Believer is a story that showed a window into the life of a young woman named Verna La Vaughn who was facing the maturation process. During the story Verna La Vaughn overcame many obstacles in her everyday life. As the story began when Verna La Vaughn was 15, the story had a very eventful mood because Verna La Vaughn had many lessons to learn because she was becoming a young woman.
Verna La Vaughn was the main character and narrator. She narrated the story as though it were her diary, which she wrote in daily. Verna La Vaughn’s personal appearance was never discussed in the story; however the reader was informed about her family life. She lived with her mother in a small apartment where they had lived
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Another conflict that La Vaughn faced was that she had a very passionate crush on a childhood friend, Jody, and wanted desperately for him to ask her to the school dance. La Vaughn admired everything about Jody, from his fresh chlorine smell (he was a swimmer), to his cheerful attitude. She admired most Jody’s desire and determination to attend college. La Vaughn waited anxiously for Jody to invite her to the dance as his date, but he never had the courage to. Finally, La Vaughn gathered the courage to ask Jody to the dance. To her delight, he agreed to her invitation. Jody and La Vaughn had a wonderful time together at the dance, and La Vaughn cherished the pictures they had taken together on that special night.
After the dance, La Vaughn and Jody both became very busy with their studies and other obligations. They rarely had time to see one another, so La Vaughn was always pleased when she would see Jody in the elevator of their apartment complex. Seeing Jody even for a minute made her day brighter. Jody was such a positive person, that his happy-go-lucky personality seemed to “radiate” off of him onto La Vaughn, who was a more serious person.
La Vaughn also faced internal conflict when her widowed mother began to have involvement with another man named Lester. La Vaughn had loved her father dearly and felt very sad to see her mother with another man. She felt that her father was irreplaceable, as most daughters would. Nonetheless, La Vaughn appreciated that
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