The Maturation of Bilbo Baggins Essay

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In the fantasy novel The Hobbit, by J.R. Tolkien there are a lot of obstacles the character Bilbo Baggins has to confront. Throughout the book Bilbo seems to take on different challenges, which allow him to mature faster in a way that the Shire would not allow. In the Shire, Bilbo was just a normal hobbit who minded his own business and was never late for dinner. But after Gandalf and the dwarves came knocking on his door, his whole life seemed to change in an instant and it kept changing in a way that Bilbo had no control over. The farther that Bilbo moved through this journey the more he opened up to the world. At the shire Bilbo could have been considered a child in some ways because, he knew of no evil that existed outside of his world…show more content…
The next metamorphosis was in the troll chapter when Bilbo had to steal from the trolls in order for the group to survive. First off Bilbo has never stolen before or even tired to steal from anyone. But because the trolls feel Bilbo is a burglar they pressure him to steal from the trolls. Seeing how Bilbo is not skilled at this at all he messes up. He felt he needed to bring something back from the trolls so he tried to pick pocket one of the trolls, unknowingly this troll has a talking wallet. So in the end Bilbo gets caught and ends up getting all the trolls caught. Again Bilbo is trying to prove himself to the dwarves, so by trying to get past the goblins in the coming chapters he gets hurtled into a hole and ends up in a dreary under land with Gollum. Here Bilbo has a riddle competition with Gollum in order to try and win his help with getting out of the wet and damp cave. When Bilbo finally tricked Gollum and found the ring that turned him invisible. He now had to escape; in doing this he ended up following Gollum out to the exit and then jumping over him. "No great leap for man, but a leap in the dark. Straight over Gollum's head he jumped, seven feet forward and three in the air; indeed, had he known it, he only just missed cracking his skull on the low arch of

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