The Maudsely's Method

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Anorexia is a can be a scary and stressful disorder on the patient and family members. Anorexia is an emotional disorder that is defined by an obsession to lose weight or refusing to eat. When compared to other mental disorders, anorexia has the highest mortality rates due to cardiac arrest or suicide (Smith). This is a serious disease that can be difficult to treat. The Maudsley’s Method is a controversial treatment for patients who suffer with anorexia. Maudsely’s Method was modeled after Minuchin’s work, who viewed psychological difficulties not on an individual level but as a result of having disrupt family patterns (Smith). Christopher Dare ad Ivan Eisler developed what the Maudsely’s Method (Smith). Maudsely’s Method is a family-based treatment plan that can prevent or stop hospitalization for their child. It focuses on using the parents as the source of the treatment (Pearson). With that being said there is some controversy about this method not working. I do agree to an extent, if the parent’s…show more content…
This stage starts when the patient is able to self-sufficiently maintain weight above 95% of the ideal weight and didn’t refrain from limitation in a variety of social environments with and outside the family (Smith). This phase primarily focuses on the developing and making efforts towards a healthy life style. Many issues are addressed during this stage such as adolescences, independence, internal and external influences, parental boundaries, and re-evaluating the parent’s interest with the eating disorder. This last phase takes about three or so more sessions and stops when the parents and therapist both feel the patient is back on the right tract (Smith). This step is what wraps the treatment up and makes it effective because the patient has development skills to have a healthy diet and life style now. This addresses issues so that the patient can maintain these new
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