The Maven Culture

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There are so many diverse civilizations that venture throughout the world undertaking their own society. A cultural society will have various ways to identify words for communication. The meaning of an object can appear the same but interpret differently. The Maven civilization symbolizes such a tribe that has many disparate classifications towards their language. There are several terms that identify the same object but can be said in many diverse ways and interpretations. Language is a huge step to understanding communication and if you don’t realize that there are many differences towards them you will have difficulty conceiving the information interpreted. The Mavens portrayed such a community that is similar to America’s society but different…show more content…
It’s possible that the civilization only ate grains because it was in such a plain region with slightly altering bumps onto the surface. The amount of grains that is identified gives the assumption that the tribe was vegetarian and only ate grains. There are several words for identifying children which interpret to “wise, small one”, “innocent leader”, and “little stargazer”. One might conclude that the children were identified by their age and personality because of the way it’s identified and categorized. The society has seven terms to describe the stages of life all the way to puberty and only one term to describe life from puberty to death. Possibly the civilization was basic and simple on their understanding of science because it gives a limited amount of information to the stages of life and the way a single term describes life from puberty to death. The word for intercourse translates as “to plant a wise one”. It is likely that the society is based on a respectful term tense since they identify sex innocently. There are similar terms for woman and man. For woman the synonyms are “wife and mother” and for the man its “husband and father”. The evidence suggests that there was no marriage in their tribe. It is identified as if you were a boy then you are a husband and father and if you were a girl you are a wife and
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