The May Swenson Era

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How does one influence, change one’s opinion and raise questions with only the choice of words? May Swenson, one of the most recognized and creative poets out there, uses her word choice and crafts humorous, vivid imagery, and startling details into her poetry. Swenson’s poetry is filled with living words with fresh ways of describing her emotions or beliefs, and held together by a subtle but strong philosophical thread. Swenson packs a punch in her poetry that's never watered down, never less than rigorous and precise -- yet she never lets the reader see the intricate structure behind the brilliance of the image. There's always the sense of a fiercely intelligent spirit at play in her work. Swenson utilizes her imagination and experiences from her past to raise questions about the wonders of life, identity and religion in order to force the reader to challenge themselves with new questions and introduce others to a new point of perspective. One of the main themes May Swenson exceeds at is Nature but, we're not talking about a vague, bland, and general Nature. We are talking about a Nature filled with creativeness and never ending possibilities. “The Sea” by May Swenson: “When the sea is calm I wade into her glossy swells” (lines 1-2). These lines are harsh, beautiful, bleak, transcendent, astonishingly erotic and intimate. Reading her poetry is like drinking a particularly rich sparkling wine, tinged with rare spices. And during reading one of her poems, all one’s senses
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