The Maya By Gordon Childe: A Complex Society

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What is a city? A city is an urban site where people inhabitant. There is not a right or wrong answer, due to, the fact that his own inhabitants are in charge of define it. Human perceptions is ambiguous; our perception about what make a city a city will keep on evolving due to our needs and modernisms. According to, Gordon Childe a city or state is supposed to have 20,000 inhabitants and great infrastructure because it must meet the high demand of his people. He include in his list that city must have monumental architecture, foreign trade, taxes, public transpiration, a sense of religious base and a ruler. if we take those subjection into consideration the “Maya” acquired all the necessary characteristics to be view as well…show more content…
They have a well establish governments, headed by a king, ruled territories with clearly defined boundaries. They were organized into independent city creating a confederation. This mean that they have pact of coexistences between them and the general of assembly, with their corresponding representatives from each city. The most importance city were Tikal, Uxmal, Copa, Tula, Palenque, Itza and Chichen etc. The largest Maya cities were Tikal with 60, 000 people and 6 square-mile area, giving a population density greater than city and Europe and what Childe’s giving as a city population. Each city were ruled by an “Alach Uinic” which means “The True Man”, and a huge plaza. The plaza was ringed with temples, pyramids, a ball court and a palace for the city ruler. Among the ruler, they decide the internal and external politics(law), the collection of taxes and the religious rituals. Keep in mind, Mayan society was mainly organized on lineages, it was very important for them to know their lineage, because is greatly influenced the proportion of land each get, the social and governmental position. The Maya made grandiose architectures structure in the middle of the jungle, pyramids and developed mathematics in such a way that they performed calculation not know by other civilization, like the invention of Zero (0). They developed a system of writing using glyptic symbols inscribed on building, ceramics, and book. Books that, Diego de Landa destroyed, according to, the film Cracking the Maya Code. the Hieroglyphics were the most original writing ever invented, by Maya. De Landa, saw the writing and thought they were tools of the devil, and felt he needed it to take a political stance. His main mission was to convert the Maya to Catholicism; when find out the Maya was still making their rituals and offering to their gods he arrested and torture
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