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The Maya group of hotel Executive summary The Maya Hotel, Richmond USA, is medium range hotel for pleasure and business. Maya Hotel is beautiful property, offering 72 exclusive rooms. The Maya property is well known for the convenient location within the Richmond city. The Maya Hotel, Richmond has 72 exclusive rooms and is targeting corporate, travellers, tourist, contractors and labours. Target business segments include the officer business travellers, tourist, contractors and labours sector, due to location of property is in the heart of Richmond USA, the property is very near from companies like Philip Morris and exhibition centres and museums. Guaranteed to attract frequent business travellers and tourist, as our hotel is budget…show more content…
The hotel is located in inner side of city and specialized in serving primarily business travellers and tourists. The properties is three star plus category, the hotel has a high repeat business, which account for 58% of total revenue across the hotel. The Maya Hotel, Richmond, is dependent on annually contracted clients from the surrounding industries and businesses, cigarettes industries and travel agencies sectors with guaranteed room. This area of business gives for 60% of the hotels revenue. The current market is little bit depressed, due to the economic problems. We believe this market trend will change in positive very soon. Maya Hotel, Richmond, must continue to focus on quality service, at affordable rates, in order to develop the customer relationship to get more repeat business. In order to attract contract clients from industries, businesses and travel agents we will have rate cut offer for next 10-12 month. The Hotel 's survival in the current time, will be dependent on repeat business. That is why brand must continue to deliver on its quality service with affordable values. SWOT ANALYSIS The following analysis highlights the internal strengths and weaknesses of our organization and the opportunities and threats for the hotel in our external environment. We must work to improve our areas of weakness. Strengths must be used to grab the opportunities and must make plans for the threats present in the market at current time.

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