The Mayan Culture

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Mayans are well-known for their refined mathematical and astronomical system, monumental architecture, and astonishing artworks. I will not focus on specific artwork and writing but the context in general. I have obtained great facts upon Mayan culture and writings. The ingenuous data that I will be discussing can be found in the book titled “The Hidden Maya”, a short text consisting of veiled information upon the survival and aspects of Mayan culture. The significant author of this book is Martin Brennan. The publication of this monograph was brought about in the year 1998 of Bear & Company Publishing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Brennan strong interests of the Mayan culture lead him to Mexico into learning about the Mayans writings and artworks which then later lead him into studying prehistoric rituals and inscriptions (Brennan, 1998, p.275). In case of unawareness, Mayans take great worthiness for being the only Native American society to develop a written language and also great recognition for their architecture and mathematical techniques. While gathering information about Mayans culture and art, Brennan learned that every sculpture, glyph, artifacts, etc. all signified inexplicable hand signs and messages (Brennan, 1998, p.275).
Martin Brennan focused on the illustrious Mayans creations, Gods and heroes, writings, and most importantly their values and customs which are all symbolized…
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