The Mayan People

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The Maya refers to a group of ancient Mesoamerican people famous for the development of the Western Hemisphere’s sophisticated culture prior to the Spanish arrival (Cook & Offit 32). One of the primary factors of their culture was their religion which was characteristic of nature gods’ worship, a priestly class, astrology’s and astronomy’s importance, human sacrifice rituals, and pyramidical temples’ construction (Cook & Offit 32). In addition to the religion, the Maya people are also special because of elaborate systems of art, architecture, mathematics, and astronomy. The Maya’s written language, available in the form of several codices and inscriptions, reveals principal aspects of rainforest civilization and mysteries. Just like several modern Mesoamerican religions, the Maya religion is a consequence of hundreds of years’ symbiosis with Roman Catholicism (Cook & Offit 32). Considering the pre-Spanish antecedents of the Maya religion, it emerges that the traditional religion was already there for over 2000 years in the form of a distinct phenomenon. Currently, the religion exhibits interaction and coexistence with syncretism of pan-Maya which is a tradition’s re-invention by Christianity and the movement of Pan-Maya (Cook & Offit 32). Indeed, several Mayan religion’s aspects survive among the current Mexican Mayan Indians alongside Central American Mayan Indians, with their practices being an integration of Roman Catholicism and the old religion. This has the implication
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