The Mayan Scholar

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As soon as I heard that the Mayan Scholar had finally predicted her thoughts on the future I immediately insisted on throwing a dinner with her and a few other acquaintances to get an insight on what she thought would happen to the planet of Acirema. I called all the guest the morning of the party and for the first time in what felt like forever, I got lucky when everyone said they could attend. I started preparing the menu early so that throughout the day I could begin to cook. I figured by cooking grilled chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and dinner rolls, everyone would be satisfied. With such a short notice I felt as if I was in a hurry all day, losing track of time. It wasn’t long to I thought was the beginning of my day when I heard the first doorbell ring.
I opened the door to welcome my guest and Don was already making friends with Amber, trying so hard to flirt with her. As I showed them the way to the living room the door opened and Eden and Kente arrived, easily bonding over dieting and food. A few minutes passed and right as I pulled the last piece of the chicken off the grill, in walked Freddie who got invited while he was working on my house as I was planning the evening. Not far behind him was Halle and Ixchel who both were delighted in their conversation with each other that they just walked right passed me. When I was standing at the door I could hear Jacob pulling into the driveway trying not to be fashionably late. The only

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