The Mayo Clinic, A Medical Group

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The Mayo Clinic, a medical group that specializes in difficult cases, had 1.2 million patients in 2012. This demographic included my mother who sought for medical results. In the event that my mother’s mind and body were malfunctioning, she went to specialists for a logical diagnosis. My family spent two years alternating between hospitals and desperately searching for results. An important assessment is realizing that while patients endure hardships, family members often experience stress and various behavioral responses. With this in mind, my ill mother being in the hospital propelled me into experiences includingindependence, optimism, and changethat continually influence my perspective every day. Unexpectedly, my father called and with an unsteady voice explained, “I had to take your mother to the emergency room, and she is now being admitted to the hospital.” At age 13, this phone call began the most dreadful time of my life. Prior to this event, I was exceedingly dependent on my parents and even struggled with separating from them. In the beginning of my mother’s hospital stay, my familymy parents and two, younger sisters were constantly divided. My father stayed in the hospital with my mother, while my sisters and I would switch between caring family members and friends. Eventually I grew tired of different environments and decided that staying home alone was the far better option. As a result, I appreciate independence and know how to solely maintain a home.
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