The Mayo Clinic Health System Essay

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I chose to write about the Mayo Clinic because they have been around for more than one hundred years, and their reputation precedes them. The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping the patient first. The U.S. News reported that for 2016, the Mayo Clinic tanked number on the list for best hospitals because of the great treatment they provide to the patients. There are several factors that go into determining who goes on the list such as the number of patients the hospital has, the number of patients that survived, infection rated and the ratio of staff to patients. The Mayo Clinic’s clinical practice, education, research, and expertise are what keep them in the running for the top spot in the medical industry.
There are several reasons for choosing the Mayo Clinic. They have locations in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota or the Mayo Clinic Health System. The Mayo Clinic provides doctors in various specialties, recognized as a “Diversity Inc. Top Hospital and Health System” for the last five years in a row (Ledue, 2010). The diversity allows for the team to collaborate with other doctors to obtain viewpoints, which will help provide the patient with the best care option. The Mayo Clinic also has the last technology-again, allowing for the best treatment options to be provided to the patient. Another very important thing to consider is that the Mayo Clinic has been around for many decades and possesses experience that a patient may not find elsewhere.
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