The Maze Runner Essay

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The Maze Runner Book review In James Dashner “The maze runner” this book is filled with tons of action and adventure and can keep a reader attached for hours on end. I am typically not one to read or even like Reading, but this book was great and I know I will read the second book in the trilogy. Buried deep in the middle of a huge maze is the glade where a bunch of teenage boys live. They do not know why they are there nor do they have any knowledge of each other. Most of them have no memory of anything at all. Every month there is one boy and more supplies delivered to them through an elevator. The glade is run by two intelligent boys named Alby and Newt. There are three simple rules no one leaves the glade (unless you are a runner), every one completes their job and no harming anyone. When one special boy by the name of Thomas is delivered to them a lot changes. For some…show more content…
Alby is the leader of the glade he makes all of the decisions and no one questions him. He was the first glader there, meaning he spent one month there by himself. Newt is like second in command he is a tall, blonde, muscular boy who had to develop a liking for Thomas. Chuck is a small and young chubby boy who is one of the only people who trust and like Thomas when he first arrives in the glade. Minho is of Asian decent and one of the first in the glade. He is known as the head runner and spends his days searching the maze. Gally is one of the antagonist in the novel. He is strong tall and does not like tom what so ever. He goes against most of the things that tom does. He believes everyone should stay in the glade. The last antagonist are the grievers the weird robot creatures that live in the maze and only come out in the night. These are only a few of the many characters in the
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