The Maze Runner Series Of Books

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I’ve been an avid reader since an early age. From grades three to about eight, I read almost every night and I read so much that I got in trouble quite a lot for reading. I haven’t read a whole lot in the past few years because there haven’t really been any series that interested me. The Maze Runner series was really good and I read that last year. The last good series before that was the Gone series. In addition to books, I spent, and still do spend, a lot of time on the internet reading about topics that interest me. I’m constantly looking for new books to read. I also really liked the Harry Potter series of books, I read them all in the eighth grade.

I remember when I was young I read a lot of books. I kind of ‘hit my peak’ with reading at age ten through eleven. I read every night, sometimes I would read up until midnight. I read so much that I actually got in trouble at school multiple times for reading while class was going on. I remember a moment when the teacher was so frustrated with me for reading while he was talking, he berated me in front of the class. That wasn’t a good experience, and I remember being really embarrassed. I had a lot of bullying problems at the time and a few of them were in that class, so that gave them more ammo. But that was just one time, and normally I was just told to put the book away.

In the seventh grade, I found the ‘Gone’ series of books. It was about a event in a small town in California that sealed a opaque ‘dome’ around a…
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